6 Tips for Your Next Phone Interview 

Be prepared for your next phone interview with these helpful tips that our Global Service Resources (GSR) staff put together.

1) Make sure you are somewhere quiet 

You don’t want there to be a lot of background noise during your interview. In other words, you want the interviewer to focus on what you are saying, not the dog barking in the background. 

2) Ask questions at the end 

It seems like you aren’t interested in the job if you do not have any questions. Above all, this is the way to let them know you care! 

3) Be on time for the call 

If you are supposed to call the interviewer at 12 pm, call them exactly at 12 pm. For instance, if you call them late it will make them think you are unorganized. 

4) Focus on the call 

Do not multitask during a phone interview. It causes extra background noise and you won’t be focused on giving your best answers. 

5) Be as prepared as you would for an in-person interview 

If you do not know anything about the company you won’t have great questions at the end! 

6) Keep your answers short and sweet 

Do not ramble on during a phone interview. Your interviewer will lose interest! 




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