A Quick Interview With Gianna

Gianna had a great experience with our services, and she was kind enough to take some time out of her day so that we could share what made it work for her. The process is easier than expected, which is why GSR has helped countless people find jobs in just one click.

“I started around November, and the year has been a pretty good experience. Vicky was a real help when I was trying to navigate all the people I had to talk to and set the interview up, following up with my contacts at the harbor and whatnot. My mom’s coworker had mentioned GSR to her, so she referred me to you guys and was able to get an interview pretty quickly. I decided I’d give it a shot since I was out of work due to the pandemic, and I’ve been pretty happy with harbor so far!”

Lab assistants are a vital part of the medical team. In addition to running routine and specialized lab tests, they typically have duties that include preparing and planting microbiology specimens, preparing and staining slides for analysis, and recording testing information. Lab assistants must be highly skilled and detail-oriented to perform their duties accurately and efficiently. They must also work well under pressure, as they often have to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously. With so many responsibilities, it’s no wonder that Lab assistants are in high demand. Those interested in this career should consider taking some courses in medical laboratory science. With the proper training, they will be on their way to making a positive impact in the medical field.

We believe that when we put good people in good positions that they will do great things. 

“I’m still a lab assistant at harbor UCLA, I’d like to see what my options are in the future of the field, and I would recommend GSR to a friend.”

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