Big changes and rebranding

Since 1993 Global Service Resources (GSR) has used the same logo. However, this year marks the beginning of our rebranding efforts. We are transitioning from the black logo to a fresher and more modern design and color pallet. 

As a global staffing agency that is welcoming, professional, friendly, and very approachable, we want to portray that through our logo and marketing practices.

This is what the new logo is about. “The G as an arrow going in a circle symbolizes the word global, meaning worldwide or everywhere in a sense that the word global originates from the globe, which literally means a spherical or rounded object, and earth, which is constantly moving around like the G in the logo. It can also symbolize motion (that we are always working hard to help others find a job) and wholeness (we work together and we can be trusted). The logo as a whole, the simplicity and minimalism are purposeful because it makes it feel modern, friendly, and approachable.” this thought process and design are all being led by Cynthia G.

Stay tuned, as we hope you will join us on this rebranding journey. By following our social media, you can be a part of the changes. You can find and contact our LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and/or Facebook to engage and connect with us. 

Help us choose between the logos by following the link to our google poll!

Furthermore, you can still expect that we will deliver what we promise beyond what’s expected.

We will always promote a win/win relationship. Be honest and ethical in all our dealings. Value long-term relationships over short-term profit. Embrace diversity and teamwork. These are the core principles that we built the foundation of Global Services Resources.

Help us choose between the logos by following the link to our google poll!