Christabel, what it’s like working with us as a CNA?

Christabel CNA. shares her experience with our services at GSR. While looking for a job can be tough, it’s not as hard if you know where and how to start. Luckily we have the solution!

Our platform has helped countless people find jobs with just one click – all from your own home. We’re thankful that took time out of her day by sharing some experiences about our service.

We believe that when we put good people in good positions that they will do great things. Christabel is a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) at Hollenbeck Palms. 

Being a CNA is not easy. You have to be patient, compassionate and have a lot of stamina. CNAs are responsible for providing basic patient care, which can often be demanding and physically challenging. This is why Christabel is the perfect fit for this position. She also plays an important role in providing emotional support to patients and their families. In addition, CNAs must have a strong understanding of medical terminology and procedures. Christabel finds the challenges to be rewarding.

“Well Vicky is amazing, she’s really nice and always very helpful with any questions I have. I appreciated how fast she got me working where I’m at right now. I would have been faster but I ended up catching COVID so that delayed the process a little bit. I don’t really remember how I heard about the company all I remember was getting a call from Vicky. I would definitely recommend you to a colleague. I love my position where I’m at. It’s actually the best job I’ve had. I look forward to going to work every day. I just want to thank you guys for giving me the opportunity to work where I am at. I like my coworkers and I feel so blessed to be able to meet and interact with oncology patients. A lot of them have touched my heart and made a big impact on my life in such a few weeks. Thank you once again.”

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