Director Nick Sefayan

"We take the burden off of our clients, we're a solution-oriented company. So if a client says 'jump' we ask 'how high?' It's not about how we do it, it's about what our client wants. We value our relationship with clients."

At Global Service Resources (GSR), we prioritize our clients to build a strong relationship of growth.

Furthermore, GSR Director, Nick Sefayan, dedicates himself to maintaining a solution-oriented mindset for GSR.

“We take the burden off of our clients. We’re a solution-oriented company. So, if a client says ‘Jump,’ We ask ‘how high?’ It’s not about how we do it. It’s about what our client wants. We value our relationship with clients.”

Above all, Nick Sefayan emphasizes the reasons that clients should hire a staffing firm for their hiring needs.

“There are several several benefits of hiring staffing firms or agencies like us. It saves cost, increases the hiring speed access to specialized knowledge, access to a wider better-quality talent pool, flexibility etc.”

In conclusion, we can find you the perfect job opportunity or manage your workforce demands. 




Our Mission with our clients:

  • Deliver what we promise beyond what’s expected.
  • Measure the quality of our service by the customers’ perception of its value.
  • Be honest and ethical in all our dealings.
  • Value long-term relationships over short-term profit.
  • Value and promote win/win relationships.
  • Embrace diversity and teamwork.

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