GSR Genuinely Cares

At Global Service Resources, our people are everything. So, we deliver beyond what’s expected to ensure satisfaction and long-term relationships with our employees and clients.

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“From what I’ve seen from other agencies, and what I KNOW from us is that we actually GENUINELY care about the candidates and our employees. We really do. And whenever they have a problem or whenever something good happens to them – really truly believe we’re genuine. More genuine than most agencies.”

Leslie D. | Recruiter


“We also, bring a lot of benefits. Not just from recruiting anyone. You actually take the time to get to know the candidate. And see if the candidate fits in wherever you’re placing them. I agree with Leslie that’s a major major thing.”

Maria H. | Human Resources


“We’re very competitive as far as how much we offer employees. the pay rate. We are also paying for their immunizations if they don’t have those already. We try our best to get them started as soon as possible”

Vicky B. | Recruiter


“We truly care about our employees and candidates. So, I couldn’t have said it better.”

Nick Sefayan | Director




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