Happy National Radiologic Technology Week

The discovery of X-rays led to many advances in medical science. with contributions from 1895 to the modern day. That year, German physicist Wilhelm Roentgen discovered X-rays and received the Nobel Prize for his discovery! 

The first x-ray machine was created because it helped doctors diagnose fractures or broken bones. A great deal has changed since then: today, we use them not just on patients but researchers too because their broadcasts can show us what our bodies are made up of, mainly if not entirely, through picturesque detail at different stages during development. 

Sonography, MRI, and mammograms diagnose diseases in many human body parts. Sonographers use imaging equipment that creates pictures with sound waves, known as ultrasounds. At the same time, MRI specialists rely on magnetic resonance images obtained by a machine called a scanner which can detect tiny changes due to inflammation or cancerous growths inside your organs; Mammographs take X-rays around the breast area where they look for tumors. In general terms, sonochemistry means creating chemical compounds through high-frequency pure acoustic pressure waves generated at some point remote from their source, so it’s not dependent upon visual contact.

The importance of medical imaging and radiation therapy professionals in patient care can’t be understated. This week-long celebration is aimed at highlighting their vital work, which helps to save lives every day!

With all the information and skill needed to work closely with these machines, the operators must take precautions. Dosimeters worn by all Rad Techs protect against the harmful radiation they encounter on the job. These dosimeters are then replaced every 1-3 months and sent in to be tested for the level of occupational radiation exposure an individual has received for them to be compliant with state regulations on this topic – every employee must wear one at all times!

Global Service Resources appreciates all our hardworking Rad Techs employed throughout the nation. Thank you, and Happy National Radiologic Technology Week!

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