Happy Thanksgiving!

This time of year, we often reflect on what we’re grateful for. And while our list may typically consist of family, friends, and good health, one other area of our lives that deserves attention during this season of giving thanks—is our careers!

The People We Work With

No matter what industry you work in, the people you work with play a significant role in your day-to-day happiness. A positive relationship with your boss and co-workers can make even the most challenging days more bearable. So, this Thanksgiving, take a moment to appreciate the supportive relationships you’ve formed at work. Whether it’s your team, who always has your back, or the colleague who always makes you laugh, be sure to let them know how thankful you are to have them in your professional life.

The Work Itself

In addition to the people we work with, it’s also important to be thankful for the work itself. Even if your dream job is still a work in progress, chances are there are some aspects of your current role that you enjoy and that helps you grow professionally. Maybe you like taking on new projects and responsibilities or appreciate your job’s flexibility. Whatever it is, take a step back and recognize all the things you like about your career—no matter how big or small they may seem.

The Opportunities To Grow

Finally, we should all be thankful for our opportunities to grow personally and professionally. No matter where you are in your career journey, there’s always room for growth. If you’re unhappy with your current situation, be thankful for the chance to explore new opportunities. And if you’re happy with where you are, be grateful for the opportunity to continue developing your skills and knowledge to continue moving forward in your career.

As we count our blessings, big and small, this Thanksgiving, let’s not forget about all the things we’re thankful for at work! From the people we work with to the actual work itself (and everything in between), our careers play a significant role in our overall happiness—so let’s make sure to show them some love this holiday season!