How to Make Your Tech Resume Stand Out

The resume and cover letter you send out are the equivalents of an electronic handshake. In other words, it’s the first impression you make on hiring managers. Therefore, when a job listing is posted, numerous candidates with similar and equivalent skills/experiences are eager to reach out and make a lasting impression on their possible future employer.

How can you customize your resume to make sure you stand out? As a tech recruiter, I can confirm that some resumes are much easier on the eyes than others. Above all, make sure you have a firm and memorable electronic handshake with these steps:

Spacing is everything.

Novels are great for reading at your leisure. However, no one wants to see a large mass of text when they have 200+ resumes to review. The “enter” and “space” bars are your best friends. Spacing information outlooks neater and is probably a relief to hiring managers who read walls of text daily. Make sure to space out Employment History, Education, Skills, and References.

Too Much Information

Too much information isn’t always a good thing. As a tech worker, you most likely have an impressive amount of skills, languages, and experience. It’s important to get to the meat of the matter. Hiring managers do not need to know unrelated employment information on your resume. Less is more sometimes.

Incorporate Buzzwords

If you are applying for a .Net Developer role, make sure to highlight skills related to the role. Tailor your resume to fit the job. Make it appealing by letting them know you have what they’re looking for. Adding keywords that you found on the job listing keeps the hiring manager interested.

Explain Short Employment Stints

When hiring managers see several short employment experiences, it may raise a red flag. Why did your last 5 jobs only last 3 to 6 months? Hiring managers want to employ people who are committed and grounded. To squash, the assumption of possible termination or disciplinary issues, write the reason for brief employment times. If it was a contract, let it be known. There’s nothing worse than getting passed on due to a misunderstanding on your resume.

Lastly, do not forget to add your contact information. You would be surprised to find out how many candidates forget to include their number or email address. You can’t land an interview if there’s no way to reach you!

Good luck out there!




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