Laboratory Professionals Week 2021 | April 18-24

Global Service Resources is honored to work with various employees who make the world a better place every day. A prime example would be the laboratory professionals we work with.

The last week of April coordinates a celebration for clinical laboratory professionals. With this, Global Service Resources jumped to celebrate as many team members as possible.

GSR Director, Nick Sefayan provided a catered lunch for various clinics to show our upmost appreciation for their hard work and dedication. Most importantly to highlight and honor their work during these unprecedented times.

Laboratory professionals enjoying their lunch with GSR Director, Nick Sefayan.

Laboratory professionals play a key role in health, especially now during the COVID-19 pandemic.

They analyze blood, urine, etc. to determine what individuals need to stay healthy. Furthermore they also determine what kind of antibiotics can save their life by studying blood samples.

Additionally, they can monitor cancer and diabetes and are essential for COVID-19 testing which is critical today.

Laboratory worker professionals posing together after enjoying their catered lunch.

Prepare to continue celebrating and honoring them throughout the year and even more next year when Lab Week circles back around.

Thank you, Laboratory Professionals!



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