Magic Johnson Staffing Oppurtunities

Earvin “Magic” Johnson is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Magic Johnson Enterprises. This investment conglomerate provides high-quality products and services to focus primarily on ethnically diverse urban communities. Having left the basketball court for a boardroom, he parlayed skills acquired onto successful business ventures with great success by employing tenacity,

Magic Johnson Enterprises is a company that creates opportunities for people to access and enjoy entertainment, products, or services. In addition, it helps communities by fostering economic empowerment through business development in multicultural neighborhoods with low-income levels where there are high demand for such things as goods/services offered but not always available at affordable prices because they’re expensive due mostly, if not all costs coming from outside sources rather than being generated internally within these areas which means folks living on smaller incomes cannot afford them unless one person earns enough money working two jobs while doing volunteer work three days per week plus attending school full time.

Operating under the philosophy that true success is making others successful, he is one of the leading investors in several minority-owned tech companies that include Uncharted Power, an award-winning power and data infrastructure technology company; Jopwell, a diversity and hiring recruiting platform; and MiTú, the Latino-fueled media brand and digital network that connects thousands of Latin content creators with viewers around the world. He is deliberate in his investment strategy to impact the community positively. 

This philosophy is something that we employ at Global Service Resources. Success is not about acquiring more for ourselves but helping others achieve their goals. When we help others become successful, we create a ripple effect that touches them and the people around them.

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