Meet Jay!

Let me introduce you to Jay, our dedicated Healthcare Recruiter in Metro Manila, Philippines. Since joining the GSR team in May 2021, Jay has been a valuable asset to our organization. With their impressive skills and abilities, Jay has successfully matched countless qualified candidates with suitable healthcare job positions.

When asked about the most fulfilling aspect of their job as a recruiter, Jay emphasizes the significance of building strong relationships with applicants and co-workers. They find joy in knowing that they have helped someone secure their dream job and that their contributions are recognized by management.

Jay’s passion for family and music takes center stage outside of work. As family-oriented people, they cherish spending quality time with their loved ones by exploring malls, playing video games, and engaging in outdoor activities such as basketball. Music is also a significant part of Jay’s life. They are a multi-talented musician who can play various instruments, including electric and acoustic guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, and drums.

In recruitment, Jay prioritizes sincerity and reliability. They understand the importance of building trust with candidates and ensuring that job offers match the needs of healthcare facilities. With their exceptional communication skills, attention to detail, and passion for connecting people with the right job opportunities, Jay is an invaluable member of our GSR team.

When asked to describe Jay, a colleague used three words: hardworking, determined, and kind. These attributes are evident in Jay’s approach to work and commitment to positively impacting the healthcare industry.

Jay is an exceptional Healthcare Recruiter passionate about connecting qualified healthcare professionals with their dream jobs. They bring a positive attitude, outstanding communication skills, and a strong work ethic to everything they do. We are fortunate to have Jay as a member of our team at GSR.