Meet Our Recruiter Leslie

Leslie has been an invaluable addition to our team since joining us as an IT and Healthcare recruiter five years ago; her expertise in these fields, plus the relationships she has formed with potential employees over this time period, have certainly bolstered our organization’s success. 

Leslie is dedicated to creating a productive, supportive environment for our employees. Her empathetic and caring approach to management does more than just ensure that accounts are being handled – She strives to make sure each individual has the opportunity and resources they need in order to succeed under her care.

Not only is she a highly respected and admired colleague, she consistently demonstrates her compassionate nature through reliable actions and a warm attitude. Her dependable work ethic allows her to ensure the job gets done correctly with attention to detail while also showing unconditional support for those she works with.

However, once she is able to remove the many hats she wears during her 9 to 5 at G.S.R, Leslie would make a great tour guide as she could take you on an amazing journey through Los Angeles. 

When it comes to being one of the dedicated supporters of the Los Angeles Kings hockey team, she never passes up an opportunity. She not only attends games, but she puts her A.M.C movie pass to good use too! While she does not live tweet her thoughts during a film in the theatre, you can bet that when Award Season rolls around, she’s the first to keep you updated on the Oscars and Golden Globe. 

If you ever find yourself needing someone who knows their way around pop culture trends and interesting job openings, then talking with this queen would be as relaxing and enjoyable as taking a pleasant stroll along a secluded beachside at sunset.