Meet Our Team Member Clare

In the vast realm of professional connections and daily routines, it’s easy to overlook the individuals who play pivotal roles in our lives. Clare, the VMS Coordinator and onboarding Specialist at GSR, is one such person who gracefully balances her professional responsibilities with a vibrant life outside of work. 

Clare’s dedication to her role at GSR shines through in every aspect of her work. Having spent over a year as the VMS Coordinator and onboarding Specialist, she is a seasoned professional who understands the ins and outs of her responsibilities. Based in Manila, Philippines, Clare’s journey with GSR has been rewarding, marked by growth, connections, and a commitment to excellence.

Beyond her professional identity, Clare embraces a world of hobbies and interests that enrich her life. When not immersed in her work, she finds solace in binge-watching period dramas on Netflix—a delightful escape into different eras and stories. However, there’s a lesser-known side to Clare that’s equally inspiring: her deep-rooted passion for volunteering. Growing up, Clare actively participated in volunteer activities, finding fulfillment in giving back to her community. This altruistic pursuit brings positivity to those around her and is a profound way to connect with like-minded individuals who share her values.

Peering into Clare’s aspirations reveals a profound sense of purpose. She passionately desires to continue her current path, both professionally and personally. As a recruiter, she cherishes connecting with diverse individuals daily, learning from their stories and experiences. A poignant piece of advice she’s received along the way is to foster strong personal relationships with candidates. This simple yet profound wisdom underlines the essence of understanding, empathy, and building a positive candidate experience that extends to enabling better employees in the long run.

Even amidst her professional accomplishments, Clare isn’t afraid to embrace a bit of silliness. When posed with being stranded on an island and can only bring what is on her desk, she playfully selects her essentials—her phone, colored pens, and planner/notepad. These items reflect her practicality and her penchant for organization and creativity.

Diving deeper into superpowers, Clare’s choice is a testament to her empathetic nature. She wishes for the power to discern good intentions—the ability to see beyond the words people speak and into their hearts. This superpower would significantly enhance her role as a recruiter, enabling her to identify the truth and intention behind candidates’ statements, ultimately leading to more effective and efficient interactions.

In the tapestry of life, Clare emerges as a multifaceted individual, gracefully juggling her professional responsibilities with her passions and aspirations. Her commitment to GSR, her enthusiasm for volunteering, and her love for period dramas all intertwine to create a vibrant portrait of her character. With her keen insights and a touch of playfulness, Clare’s journey continues to evolve, positively impacting those she connects with professionally and personally.