National Radiologic Technology Week (Nov 7 to Nov 13, 2021)

As we kick off National Radiologic Technology Week (Nov 7 to Nov 13), we wanted to familiarize ourselves with how much work actually goes into becoming a Rad Tech. They are the unsung heroes of the healthcare industry who use technology to capture images of our insides to determine if we are healthy. As simple as that sounds, becoming and working as a Rad Tech is challenging and sometimes dangerous if precautionary measures are ignored.

Step 1: Earn an Associate or Bachelor’s Degree.
Step 2: Take the exam and get certified. (California State examination for a diagnostic or therapeutic radiologic technology certificate)
Step 3: Pick a specialty! A few options are:

-Sonography- Use imaging equipment and soundwaves to form images of many parts of the body (especially organs) known as ultrasounds.

-MRI- Specializes in the operation of magnetic resonance imaging scanners to obtain tissue changes for analysis.

-Mammography- Specializes in X-rays of the breast to locate tumors.

Although the risk of a Radiologic Technologist getting job-related cancer is minimal compared to the rates in the mid-1900’s, there is still a risk if precautionary measures aren’t taken. All Rad Techs must wear a dosimeter at work at all times. Dosimeters contain phosphor crystals that trap electrons freed by various forms of harmful radiation; worn over the course of one to three months, these crystals can then be used to determine radiation exposure through a process known as dosimetry. Every quarter, Rad Techs send back their dosimeters to the Dosimetry Service and are sent a new one. The Service records the amount of occupational radiation dose an individual receives as required by state and federal regulations.

So the next time your doctor sends you to the Radiology Department for some scans, don’t forget to thank your tech for doing what they do!

Global Service Resources appreciates all our hardworking Rad Techs employed throughout the nation. Thank you and Happy National Radiologic Technology Week!