Nurses Week 2018 Celebration

Nurses Inspire Innovate Influence Flyer for National Nurses Week 2018

For Nurses Week this year, Global Service Resources (GSR) appreciates all Nurses for their efforts. They provide care, dignity, and comfort for the people they serve.

It is of utmost importance to us that we give thanks. Here are a few links that advance nursing or provide support to them throughout our nation.

Organizations aimed to improve nurse work conditions:

Above all, nurses are some of the hardest workers in the medical field. These organizations aim to improve the field of nursing through law and population change with time. The American Nurses Association (ANA) lobbies in the interest of nurses throughout the United States. Nurse Stake DC advocates for better patient outcomes and reduced nurse burnout. American Academy of Nursing strives for the advancement of health policy and practice.

Scholarships for nursing students:

Here are some links to listings of scholarships for nursing students! Johnson & Johnson is not only famous for producing BandAid brand bandages. They’re also a major advocate for nursing. They provide several scholarship opportunities for those interested. A great resource of 50 various scholarships for nursing students across all walks of life. An up-to-date listing of available nursing scholarships.

Employment opportunities for nurses:

If you are a nurse looking for a job, contact us! After that, we would love to connect with you and review some of our available positions at length. Above all, we make a great team! Let us get you to work!

Thank you so much, Nurses! We appreciate you all so much!




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