GSR’s Recruiters – Leslie Clarifies Common Misconceptions

Learn about our recruiters here at Global Service Resources.
Leslie speaks about connecting candidates to the right job

Our recruiters at Global Service Resources (GSR) focus on connecting candidates to the perfect opportunities. In other words, connecting them to what will launch their careers.

GSR Recruiter, Leslie Delos Reyes stands by her work with pride. “One of my favorite things about working at GSR is connecting people with great opportunities. And helping them take the next step in their career.”

Moreover, Leslie gives connects candidates with various hiring managers to place people in a job that’s right for them.


However, one common misconception candidates have when working through staffing agencies is that they take part of their paycheck. “That’s not true at all. We are actually paid separately for our services of connecting our clients to the right candidates for their jobs. We don’t take any money from our candidates,” said Leslie.

Mission Statement

Above all, GSR stands by our mission statement:

  • Delivering what we promise beyond what’s expected.
  • Measuring our quality of service by the customer’s perception of its value.
  • Honest and ethical dealings.
  • Valuing long-term relationships over short-term profits.
  • Valuing and promote win/win relationships.
  • Embracing diversity and teamwork.


We are intentional with the recruiters we hire because our goal is to connect candidates to their best-suited job. For instance, the goal of our recruiters is to make it easier for candidates to get connected to the job that’s right for them.




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