Our Satisfied Candidates – Gianina

Gianina’s Journey

Gianina has been working as a laboratory assistant for almost two years thanks to the help from Global Service Resources. She found a job that she’s comfortable in and excited to work at. “I don’t feel like I just want to go home all the time,” she said. “I actually feel like it’s at home here because I’m here like every day.”

She initially started with just collecting tests of blood, stool, urine, etc., and now – during a global pandemic – she also helps collect COVID-19 tests. Gianina’s transition into her job was smooth with the help of her supporters at Global Service Resources and her new coworkers who make her new job feel like home.

GSR’s Recruiters

GSR recruiter Vicky helped Gianina through the entire process. With that, she was able to stay updated and submitted all of her paperwork ahead of time, which landed her the job earlier than expected. “It was straightforward, She updated me on everything and I was even able to get into my job faster than I thought,” Gianina said.

Through open communication, the GSR staff was able to give Gianina the highest value of service to place her in the job she wanted.

“Everybody is very helpful. They’re always there to answer any questions I have and they are always checking up,” she said.

Gianina found the perfect job she hoped for thanks to Global Service Resources.




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