Can you hear me now? Zoom games to stay connected.

Team building looks a little different these days with the world gone virtual. It is more important than ever to prioritize company culture. Zoom games such as ‘can you hear me now’ give organizations the opportunity to break down geographical barriers. Invite employees to join in on some old-fashioned morale boosting, camaraderie building, and unifying fun. 

“Can You Hear Me Now” is a team-building exercise that encourages clear communication: One lucky individual describes a randomly selected graphic from an image generator. The plot twist is that a simple butterfly is no longer just a simple butterfly — it must be described to the other players by only using geometrical shapes. Given the limiting instructions, the speaker needs to be very intentional in communicating. The rest of the team listens carefully and attempts to draw how a series of ovals, circles, and triangles can be the foundation for a butterfly. This game is a great lesson for effective online communication (and pairs nicely over lunch provided by the company).

Below are a few visual representations of our team’s recent game. These photos are a byproduct of a group of people coming together from all around the world, getting to know each other one shape at a time.

As our Director of Staff, Nick Sefayan, vocalized, “Zoom is here to stay.” With that said, here is a list of games to consider for your next meeting.

Creating and sustaining an engaging environment for employees has many benefits. It catalyzes communication, work productivity, and overall a sense of community while working from home. Consider incorporating online games and other team-building exercises at your next zoom meeting.

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